Who is The Eyewear Girl?

About Me

My name is Emma, and I am of course, obsessed with quality Eyewear.

In ‘real life’ I talk too much. I always look at the dessert menu first, I’m into fitness to feel good, am addicted to travelling and exploring new places, and I am fiercely passionate about quality Eyewear and the Optical Industry.

I created The Eyewear Girl to empower consumers to question and start to understand what their options are when it comes to purchasing eyewear.

I’ve been in the Australian Optical Industry now for over 18 years. I started out as a qualified Optical Mechanic and dispenser (Optician), then went on to Optical Training, Store and Business Management, Marketing, Sales Repping and National Sales Manager roles. My passion, however, has always been on the fashion and style side, focusing on quality product and the Independent practice.

This is why I have started ‘The Eyewear Girl’.

When it comes to Eyewear I am and have always been brutally honest. No frame looks good on everyone, and no one looks good in every single frame. 

I’ve noticed over the last few years that consumers – in Australia – have been groomed to purchase their Eyewear without having an opinion. It’s driving me INSANE! This has to be one of the most personal purchases a person can make.

So, enter The Eyewear Girl – here to educate, expose, and empower the eyewear consumers of the world to enjoy the process – YES IT CAN BE DONE!

Optical frames are hands down the best fashion accessory, and they say more about you than anything else you wear.

People will always look at your face before they look at your feet, so why would you own 15 pairs of shoes, but only one pair of black frames?

I am here to inspire.

I am here to expose the truth.

I am here to empower YOU to ask questions and understand what you are about to spend your hard-earned money on.

Purchasing new eyewear should be fun, exciting and an adventure; a chance for you to express your personality.

I am here to help you love your eyes.

The Eyewear Girl.