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Bellinger is a brand I have known for a long time. It’s been know for its colour mixes, detailed temples, and shapes that make their own rules. Bellinger Eyewear was popular back in the early 2000’s here in Australia, however it has been missing for a while now.

Until 2020.

The Bellinger range has been picked up by VMD Australia, distributor to the Australian optical industry. I’ve been lucky enough to play with the range a few times this year. I’ve fallen in love with the smooth design and as a result, one of their models is the latest edition to my personal collection!

Lets get to know the story behind the brand.

Bellinger was created not so long ago in 2003 by Malene and Claus Bellinger Diederichsen. The idea was to create a range that made an impact straight away. They also wanted to leave an impression on both the wearer, and viewer of the range long after the purchase. The goal was to always have that little ‘something special’ to each design. They have hit the nail on the head in that department! Bellinger Eyewear has a look that is truly their own.

Back in the early days, Bellinger took on the metal frame trend with both hands. They managed to create a range that was instantly recognizable. They had intricately detailed metal temples on most models that offered contrasting colours, strong shapes and a wow factor that people were looking for.

An early Bellinger design

I love that the Brand values for Bellinger are Innovation, Passion, Joy and personality; everything a good frame should be. They don’t come from a design background in handbags or jewellery – Bellinger are completely eyewear. They design what they love and they do it well! When they design a frame its all about the way it makes the wearer feel. Raw energy, excitement and passion are all things that they strive to achieve in every single frame design.

In todays collection there are a few different types of frames.

LESS – is an extremely high density acetate frame. They’re constructed with metals, acetate and finished with a top laminated thinner acetate which is ultra-shiny and lightweight.

LESS Titanium – feels like you’re not wearing glasses at all! Made from – you guessed it – Titanium, these frames are extremely durable, play on the minimalist trend and are an absolute dream to wear.

LESS Matte – A collection if thin, lightweight but fashionable models with a Matte finish.

Acetate – The traditional high quality Acetate frame material which is durable, comfortable and made of cotton. This material allows a unique play with colours and patterns throughout, meaning your frame will not fade, or lose it’s edge over time.

Combination Frames: The Bellinger combination frames are made from a mix of metals, flat pressed laminate and acetates. The finish on these frames are divine! They offer a unique colour and pattern palette to really stand out in the crowd.

The new landscape

I’ve been selling the Bellinger collection again now for approximately 2 months, and the consumer feedback has been fantastic. The most common comment when clients try them on is ‘wow, they’re light!’. People are drawn to the range for its colour range and pearlescent shine – it stuns as a truly unique collection when its displayed correctly. The frames are extremely lightweight however, it’s still easy for the wearer to feel the quality and workmanship that has gone into each design too. There are no cut corners, or visible welds in the designs. The finish is as good as the first impression and customers adore playing with their wide colour range.

Overall, Bellinger is a brand that has taken their Australian re-launch very seriously, and VMD are doing a fantastic job to get this beautiful brand back in Independent practices. This is a brand to look out for if you’re after a change, are happy to experiment a little with colour and texture, and don’t want to blend in with the crowd.

Em xo

Me wearing my new Bellinger Frame

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