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 Protect your eyewear, inspired and sponsored by FELTED.

One topic we don’ t speak enough about is how to correctly protect your eyewear. For anyone that has to wear glasses, keeping them in good condition is a must. Good knowledge of caring for your eyewear is sometimes hard to find! We know that quality glasses do not come cheap. Spending any money on what you need is an investment in your health. Over the next few weeks I’m going to write a small series on how to protect your eyewear, be it prescription glasses or sunglasses, to help you look after your investment and get a long life from your eyewear.

Press Stud case

Todays post has been inspired by my good friend Helen from Felted. Helen has designed a range of good quality, fun and functional eyewear cases to cater for every frame out there. Before we look at the solution, lets take a quick look at the main issues with protecting your eyewear.

  • Issue # 1. -Standard cases are ugly and you simply don’t want to be seen with them. ( easy fix, keep reading)
  • Issue #2 – They’re annoying. They’re too bulky, don’t close properly and they break easily.
  • Issue # 3 – Your specs or sunglasses simply don’t fit. Larger sunglasses are curved and don’t fit into ‘standard’ shape cases. Sometimes even the cases they come with are a tight squeeze!
  • Issue #4 – After you purchase new glasses, and they have been adjusted, sometimes they don’t fit into the case anymore. Long temple tips can cause the fit into cases to be a problem.
  • Issue #5 – Why carry another item – you could just sit them on top of your head?!?

This is NOT a great idea. Let me explain why.

Eyewear should be kept in a protected environment when you’re not wearing them. This helps to protect them from accidental damage. The lenses are less likely to get damaged from unwanted scratches and chemicals that can deteriorate the lens finishes. Exposure to some aerosols and temperature changes can overtime effect your lenses and cause the coatings to ‘crack’ or de-laminate, which in most cases (pardon the pun) can be avoided.

Soft felt material samples

Leaving sunglasses in a car, especially on a dashboard or in direct sunlight, will cause both the lenses and frames to become brittle, and subsequently crack.
Wearing eyewear on the top of your head will stretch the frame. This not only does structural damage to the frame, but can also cause damage to the lens and material around the lens. It’s a habit that a lot of us struggle to break!

Now for the good news!

A range of large sized eyewear 

Felted has thought about all of this and has come up with solutions. The colours and designs are simply gorgeous! With a focus on bright and playful colours, the entire range is easy to find and easy to match with.
The slimline designs are easy to carry, put in a bag or purse and are extremely lightweight. The Felt used is thick enough to protect your eyewear, but not thick enough to take up unnecessary space.
Most of the designs have a push clip close which is going to outlast an alligator or spring closure case every day.
Let’s take a closer look at each of the designs in the collection.

Double Eyeglasses Case
Available in 5 colourways and works as a clutch too! Will easily fit 2 pairs of prescription specs, or one sunglass and one RX. Alternatively, use one side for eyewear and the other for your phone or bank cards.

care for your eyewear

Classic Eyeglasses Felt Case
Comes in a rainbow of colourways and is extremely affordable – you could easily have one for every day of the week. With a clip close top and super lightweight design, this case is an absolute essential.

A green case with small glasses

Eyeglass Logo Pouch
This is my favourite! Not only does it have an adorable spec logo on the front, but it has a ZIP close so you know your eyewear isn’t going to fall out. Perfect for travel or to throw in your handbag, the zip closure protects anything nasty getting into your case and reeking havoc on your lenses.

Cases with zips to protect your eyewear

Eyeglass Zipper Pouch
It’s bright so you can always find it while having all the protection you need. If they’re not on your face, they should be in your case, zipped up away from any potential hazards!

options to protect your eyewear while travelling

Felt Coin purse
On the smaller size, this may fit small children’s frames. It’s adorable as an add on for, well coins, or lipstick, bank cards etc. You get the gist – its too cute to ignore!

P.S. Felted also make these fun felt tote bags which are also worth a look at!

Tote bag by Felted
Let’s get Felted!

Overall, felted has an option for any eyewear case needs. You should always have once case per frame so that they fit perfectly. Hopefully these tips get you started on the right track to protect your eyewear.

You can check out the entire range from Felted here:

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